Having a sharp knife is the key to safe and effective cutlery use. While regular at-home maintenance is important, having periodic sharpening and repairs done is highly recommended to ensure the long lasting use of your tools. At the Rolling Pin, we offer knife sharpening services through a partnership with local blacksmith Mareko Maumasi of Maumasi Fire Arts.

Once a month, Mareko picks up and sharpens your beloved knives and other sharp things that you bring to us. He also provides an in shop Q&A session about knife care and upkeep from 3pm to 4pm on the day of pickup. To have your knives sharpened, please drop them off at our shop during one of the monthly drop off periods. Knives will then be available for pickup on or after the monthly scheduled date.

For questions about knife sharpening, please give us a call at 360-754-3955!

Upcoming Sharpening Dates

Drop Off by 4pm on the 22nd
Pickup After 3pm on the 26th

Drop Off by 4pm on the 12th
Pickup After 3pm on the 16th

Drop Off by 4pm on the 10th
Pickup After 3pm on the 14th

Sharpening Rates

Straight edge: $2.50/inch of blade
Serrated edge: $3.50/inch of blade
Kitchen shears/pocket knives, garden tools: $10/edge
Fabric shears, hair scissors: $15
Repairs: Starts at $5, custom quote upon examination.