Handmade Pickles & Preserves

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Traditional handmade accompaniments for meat, cheese or fish
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Discover how to preserve with Tracklements, an award-winning, family-run company selling millions of preserves every year all over the world.

Preserving is a wonderful way to make summer and fall fruits and vegetables last into the winter and through to the next harvesting season. It's easy to do, inexpensive, and great fun! Whether you grow your own, pick from the hedgerow, or buy your ingredients, this book will help you discover that the diversity of preserves is matched only by the variety of foods with which they can be eaten.

Guy Tullberg's family has been preserving for generations, and this book includes 100 of their favorite recipes, from hot eggplant pickle to green tomato chutney to beet and horseradish relish. It also reveals some of the social history
behind the preserves, and shares Tracklements' tips and techniques perfected over four decades. With a guide to the preserving kitchen and the simple pieces of kit you will need, this book will help you make the best preserves every time.

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