GEFU Kitchen Torch

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The professional-quality kitchen torch for caramelizing, browning, au gratin and crust toppings and peeling. With its flame reaching a temperature up to 1,300 °C, you can easily put a crispy caramel layer on cream deserts, cakes and tarts, melt cheese on a delicious casserole, brown roasts and remove skin from tomatoes or peppers. The size of the flame can be adjusted, so the appliance is suitable for a wide range of applications! In a flash, the Fuego kitchen torch can caramelize a layer of sugar, brown meringues on a tart, and remove skins from peppers and tomatoes!

  • Professional quality
  • Flame temperature up to 1,300°C
  • Adjustable flame size
  • Flame duration of at least 60 minutes
  • Re-fillable with lighter gas (butane sold separately)
  • Stand base and child safety catch
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