Bar Keepers Friend Soft Liquid Cleanser - 26oz

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Keep your kitchen and bathroom germ-free with the Bar Keepers Friend 26 oz. Liquid Cleanser. Its anti-bacterial formula also removes rust, and it is great for cleaning stainless steel sinks and cookware. The liquid cleanser is made with the power of citric acid.

  • Powerful enough to remove oil stains from epoxy-coated concrete garage floors; gentle enough to use on vintage enamel cookware
  • Ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks and tiles, Corian vanities, light-colored grout, in the bathtub, and on fixtures and faucets to remove hard water deposits, mildew, soap scum, grime and rust stains
  • Will not scratch
  • Cleans the most stubborn rust and mineral stains
  • Non-bleach formula
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