Having a sharp knife is the key to safe and effective cutlery use. While regular at-home maintenance is important, having periodic sharpening and repairs done is highly recommended to ensure the long lasting use of your tools. At the Rolling Pin, we offer professional level sharpening and repair services on a variety of cutlery and tools. Customers can schedule their items for an appointment to drop-off at our store or setup pickup and delivery within the Thurston County area. Customers who purchase new cutlery from our shop also receive a free sharpening voucher for a future service!

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call the shop at 360-754-3955 or use our automated system to schedule for pickup and delivery.

Price List

Small Blades (4″ and Under) ….. $6

Medium Blades (4″ to 7″) ….. $8

Large Blades (8″ to 10″) ….. $10

X-Large Blades (10″ to 12″) ….. $12

Please request quotes for shears and hand tools.

Additional Charges

Serrated Blades ….. $2

Minor Chip Repair ….. $3

Profiling / Chip Repair ….. $8

Light Rust Removal — $4

Heavy Rust Removal — $6

Things to Consider

  • We calculate the totals for knife sharpening orders after the sharpening is completed, based on the price list included above.
  • Our knife sharpener, James Simmons, does all his sharpening work by hand using various styles of sharpening tools – and no automatic sharpening machines.
  • Please allow for us to hold onto your knives for at least 1 to 2 weeks, so that James has plenty of time to sharpen your blades properly by hand. Individual wait times may vary as every blade we sharpen requires different levels of attention and detail.
  • We highly suggest that customers split up their knife set into halves or thirds, rather than dropping them all off at once.
  • It is possible that our staff may reach out to you regarding questions with your order, so please ensure that you enter the correct contact information at checkout.
  • Services apply to kitchen, EDC, hunting, and fillet knives. Due to variances in steels and profiles, not all blades are eligible for sharpening services. Knife owners assume all risk involved and we can not be held responsible for damages or sharpening failure due to variances in steel, alloys, manufacturing, or craftsmanship.

Download the Knife Sharpening Information Sheet:

Before and After Examples